Luck, chance and reason guide my work. The results are images that aid in my understanding of complexities I don’t fully grasp.
Traveling and collecting in remote equatorial locations has been both an inspiration and source of my work. The infrastructures of these extraordinary rainforest habitats, replete with complex repetitive patterns, offer an abundance of objects, used to inspire and construct my sculpture. These organic materials are then combined with objects from our own urban jungle, where the motivating force is to depict how both exist simultaneously in a world of chaos and order.
I am searching for the order in chaos, and the chaos in order. Nature’s symmetry of order, juxtaposed with the opposing force of industrial objects helps reconcile my concerns and delineate the fine line separating one from the other. It is these two formats that seem to make sense for me.  I love both and they inform my daily life.  It is this synergy, which creates the visual, emotional and conceptual content and illustrates the delicate balance between natural and industrial environments.
I chose images, icons, and things that seem to exemplify a particular quality in and of themselves. The objects that I select come from the culture of nature and humans.  Both are borderless and are rooted in human and natural conditions. The smallest molecular structures of these objects are a source of infinite strength generating the larger world in which we live. The power of these tiny particles creates our physical realities.  I believe that by observing and organizing these small visual components I may find my own connection to the larger world.
The specificity of these objects is a result of where I am at the moment I see something of interest.  Like a diary – it traces and reflects my intersections of life by way of 3D images. These things are part of my life in some way or another.  They can be new or old; each has it’s own character and can contribute to the sculpture. Many stick out as memories of adventures to many of the equatorials regions I go to get materials.  Others are intrinsically linked to my life in Philadelphia.  Certain objects are so important that they are eternal.  Like DNA they can’t be extinguished. They can be very personal objects from our lives containing embedded information – or simply common icons.